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BIAWA Member assessed for:

  • Practical Completion Inspections 
  • Construction Progress Inspections 
  • Pre Purchase Building Inspections 
  • Building Dispute Inspections

Mark Lewer is a Building Practitioner & Building Contractor registered with the Building Commission Registration Number 13099.

Owner of a local Building Inspection company, Mark is a full time building inspector.

Mark is a builder by trade having started in the industry in 1980 as an apprentice bricklayer. During his time on the tools he benefited from experience in the entire build process including all structural construction methods, alterations and renovations. In 1989 he came off the tools due to expansion of the company which he continued to run up until 1999. Throughout this period he was involved in the supervision of the entire house building process plus alterations and renovations.

Subsequently from 1999 to 2009 he owner managed a property investment company which involved renovations and new build where he continued to run and oversea the day to day site works.

In 2010 he started a Building Inspection company, and with a high standards and attention to detail mentality the service has proved to be very popular and is Mark’s full time occupation.

Mark carries out Pre Purchase Building Inspections, Construction Progress and Practical Completion inspections. He’s constantly shocked at the lack of supervisory knowledge, frequent BCA non compliance & even absence of basic ABC building standards that is present throughout the state. Mark frequently has to quote the BCA to the builder in his reports to remind them of the minimum standards.

Assuming access is available Mark always inspects the roof space, roof exterior and sub floor on existing houses. On new homes during a Practical Completion inspection, Mark is yet to find a timber roof frame which fully complies with the BCA. Mark personally carries out the site inspection and drafts the report.

Mark has a 24/7 online quote facility providing instant quotes with example reports & an online booking facility. Reports with digital photos are emailed with 24 hours of the inspection and usually same day.

With over 34 years experience in the industry Mark has extensive knowledge of the whole building process and would welcome the opportunity to quote for your inspection, just email for a quote.

Mark is one of the founder Members of the Building Inspectors Association of WA which has been established to raise building inspection standards and raise credibility and accountability in the profession.

Currently not available for Building Commision and SAT Tribunal Disputes.

08 9444 9562

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