Application for Membership

Preliminary information

The Building Inspectors Association is a body formed to raise the building knowledge and experience of its members and uphold formal inspection standards in the Western Australian Building Inspection industry.

A Provisional Member is a Registered Builder who has limited inspection experience after being registered as a Builder with the Building Commission.

A Member of the Association is a Registered Builder with extensive inspection experience after qualifying as a Builder.

Membership of the Building Inspectors Association is not to be taken lightly as these standards are upheld and protected by all members.

All declarations in this application are to be made truthfully. Applicants should note that future conduct by a Member not in accordance with your application may result in loss of your membership.

You are advised to make yourself familiar with the Association’s Code of Ethics and By Laws as supplied at the Applicant Induction Course.

Applicants are advised that Membership of the Association is for individuals only.

Evidence of Experience
Application Fee

Building Inspectors Association of WA

Please attach the following documents to the form below:

  1. Builder’s Registration Certificate
  2. Driver’s Licence copy with photo or passport copy with photo showing address on this application form
  3. CV – including all employment information
  4. Professional References from at least two current members
  5. Certificate of Currency and Policy documents for Professional Indemnity Insurance
  6. Samples of building inspections performed
  7. Certificate of attendance at BIA Induction course.
  8. Download and sign declaration from

Application Form

Membership Application Form

Building Members!

Mark Lewer

Rick Martelli

Builders Reg 11828
0432 918 368

Ben Willis

Builders Reg 8748
0427 770 500

Brian Gray

Jay Gillett

Andrew Whittle

John Tyrrell

Phil Lean

David Elder

Registered Builder No. 103721
0499 826 889


Steven Lloyd

Building Practitioners License BP102927
(08) 9444 9562


Brendan Nicoli

Building Practitioners License BP14190
(08) 9444 9562


Robert Lennox

Diploma of Construction BR 12968
(08) 9444 9562


Jarrad Mckay

Registered Builder No. 101343
08 9444 9562

Mathew Perrett

Mathew Perrett

Mathew Perrett